Importance of Newspapers

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The Value of Newspapers

The Value of Newspapers
No other advertising vehicle has the reach of newspapers. Nationally, 95 million adults read a newspaper on an average weekday and more than 108 million on an average Sunday. More than 71% of all adults in the U.S. read a newspaper or visit a newspaper website in an average week (Scarborough Research). According to research by the Readership Institute at Northwestern University, advertising is one of the top five drivers of newspaper readership. That’s because consumers seek out the newspaper to make product buying decisions. Consider these findings from a recent shopping study by MORI Research . . . 52 percent of consumers say newspapers are where they go to check out advertisements—five more than any other medium. 46 percent say newspapers are their “preferred’ medium to receive ad information; TV comes in fourth at 10 percent. 52 percent see newspaper ads as “valuable” in planning shopping; the Internet and direct mail are second at 13 percent each. When asked where they would like to see advertising eliminated, only 10 percent said newspapers, compared to 34 percent for TV and 38 percent for the Internet. (Yankelovich, 2008) When it comes to newspapers: Quality: Generally, your very best prospects are newspaper readers. People who are typically labeled upscale meaning upper income, higher education, professional/ managerial occupations all count themselves as newspaper readers. Targeted: From targeting ad placement by section readership to post it notes, to a few residential blocks, newspapers can fine tune your message. Immediate: Newspaper advertising is among the fastest forms of advertising with extremely short deadlines that allow ads to be created and run in a matter of days. Flexibility: Newspapers, unlike most other media allow the advertiser to build an ad in any size. Credibility/Trust: More than any other medium, consumers believe in newspaper advertising. Selective vs....
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