Importance of Music

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Music, Jefferson Airplane Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Page 1 The importance of music in our lives 20/05/2013 09:18:22 Username Search - Enter Keywords Home Business Blog321 Culture Entertainment Entrepreneurship Education Finance Health Jobs321 (worldwide) Music Personal Development Sports Spirituality Style Share a video Social321 Tech Travel Webinars Tell A Friend Monday, 15 October 2012 00:00 Written by Kurt Stricker Home / Music / The importance of music in our lives The importance of music in our lives Carlos Santana once said; "music can change your molecular structure". The "Mozart Effect" is a set of research results that indicate that listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music can, in a nutshell, make you smarter. It is, also, believed that early music training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Music is one of the most beloved human experiences. Everyone enjoys some sort of music and that is evident in almost every important event from weddings and funerals to graduation ceremonies and presidential inaugurations. The ambiance can be set in any room by simply adding soft music in a restaurant or upbeat sounds at a worship service. Several famous athletes have been known to listen to music as part of their pre-game/match ritual. And let's not forget those unforgettable soundtracks to our favorite films. Yes, music is everywhere. There are many different styles, or genres, of music. Some of the more familiar are classical, jazz, blues, rock & roll, rhythm and blues, rap, hip hop, country, bluegrass, folk, house, new age, world, and metal but the overall list goes on and on. Then you have different modifications of several genres, which makes this list almost never-ending. Also, watch what you say about someone's favorite band because people are as passionate about their music as they are in politics or religion. Another way of saying this is, there are three topics to avoid in everyday discussion: politics, religion,...
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