Importance of Information Security Systems:

Topics: Risk, Security, Risk management Pages: 25 (9583 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Importance of Information Security Systems:

For managing and administering an organization, an Information Security System (ISMS) has become extremely significant and its importance is also quite apparent. The reason behind its increasing significance is the mounting pressure and danger to the reliability, safekeeping, accessibility and privacy of the information of the organization. It is also rising directly with the life time and size of the organization, therefore, this information security system is highly preferred. The information resources should be guarded by the organization by adopting suitable measures. According to a latest review, business and commerce in the United Kingdom is relying increasingly on the IT systems including Internet for its information as well as information technology. The Internet facility is of utmost importance to efficient and successful functioning of any business. The term ‘Information Security’, nevertheless, has diverse meanings depending on the perception of the people and these different perceptions are all seriously contracted. Information security, for managers and directors, is something they do not understand and, therefore, the IT manager has to manage it. For those who sell these items related to security, Information Security is only restricted to those goods that they deal in. For the customers of IT tools, it is something as unnecessary limitation on what they can do on their Personal Computers in their company. The information security systems are now highly preferred in the United Kingdom by nearly 75 percent of the top managers and as a result of this preference, such systems are now being greatly established in business. On average, about 4 to 5 percent of the IT budget of any company in UK is now spent on the information security system. All the companies are motivated towards putting into practice and using the best system for information security all around the world as there is a rise in the number of violations per firm on average. It should be the top priority for the safekeeping of valuable information. There are three types of risks that are damage to the functions, damage in legal terms and damage to the status. The danger to safety of information comes from the internal and external environment of an organization and both are them are evenly severe. The pace with which techniques of attack are developed result in taking actions against any certain danger which is recognized completely meaningless. The intensity of security of information that is required by any organization can be met by only a detailed and efficient technique. There are constant violations of the security which cost the UK industry about £10 billion per year, now. It was initiated by this review that such internal security events involved setting up of illegal software at 78 per cent of the organization that is a contributor, the usage of assets of the company for personal gain or profit (which includes personal e-commerce business, gambling, unsolicited spam or e-mail, etc) and the usage of the assets of the organization for unlawful or prohibited activities or communications (this includes surfing porn site over the internet or e-mail stalking). In the present world, the entire group of cyber-criminals, which include virus writers, spammers, phishes, crackers, fraudsters, hackers and pharmers, are perfectly skilled at taking advantage of the weaknesses found in the software, hardware, techniques and networks of an organization. Some of the cyber-criminals like virus writers, fraudsters, hackers and spammers gang together in order to increase incorporated harassments on business around the world. This results in an enhancement of suitable methods for protecting the information. According to a survey, out of ten organizations, only one has employed a team of workers that has proper qualifications related to information security. It has also been found that out of eight companies, only...
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