Importance of Heroes in People's Lives

Topics: Hero, Courage, Seven Seas Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: October 10, 2010
For me, and I’m sure other people besides, the word “hero” conjures images of explorers who bravely ventured into the unknown to discover new lands and to walk where no man had walked before them. Man has sailed the seven seas, crossed every ocean, mapped every land mass on this planet. Man has ventured into the heavens and walked on the moon. That leaves the question: what place, if any, do heroes have in the world of today? Perhaps it would be useful to start with a definition of what a hero is.

A hero can be thought of as a person distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and fortitude. Having considered this, we can conclude that heroes are still to be found in this world and that they have an important role to play. There has never been a time in the world, nor will there ever be, when people of courage, nobility and fortitude are not needed.

My first thought is of those soldiers who have, or currently are, serving on peacekeeping missions under the UN flag. These men and women have courage, nobility and fortitude. They serve around the world in warzones in an attempt- a brave a bold attempt- to end the senseless slaughter of innocent people. They are serving to preserve the peace in the world’s newest country, Kosovo, for example. Their heroic efforts, which serve to impress and inspire people the world over, should be applauded.

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