Importance of Grades

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The Importance of Grading

While learning to tie shoes, children get encouragement and feedback when they first start. No one assesses their progress, they just try to help them learn to do it on their own. People learn things all the time without being graded or ranked, so where does the obsession with grades in school come from? Some would argue that not grading students on assignments they have completed will improve the quality of learning, while others believe it gives students the option to opt-out of somethings they may find more difficult. Others believe that grades predetermine how successful one may be in a post-secondary setting. Although, the problem with grading is that it is subjective to many outside inflences such as conflicting personalities, favouritism and difference in marking styles. All students learn differently as all teachers mark differently. By abolishing marks, are we setting up more students for failure or for success?

The first issue with abolishing the grading system, is that people believe that most students will become even more lazy and less motivated to do work and learn. People are competitive by nature, if there is no reward for one's efforts, they may choose not to do the assigned work. On the other hand, the students who are already high achievers may find they learn better when they get feedback and actually try to learn new things, instead of trying to figure out how your teacher works in order to recieve a number. By not grading, students would be more focused on the task at hand and learning something new, rather than trying to figure out what the teacher wants, or picking easier projects, to scrape every last meaningless mark out of the assignment. If you are not learning, then what is the point in doing the work anyways? This may cause some division within the classroom and may give rise to new difficulties or even conflict amongst those people. If there is no aspiration to learn, school becomes...
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