Importance of Good Citizenship in a Multicultural Fiji

Topics: Citizenship, Race and Ethnicity, Nationality Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Good citizenship, especially in a country like Fiji, is of utmost importance. Being a good citizen means so much more than just abiding by the laws of the country and placing your votes in an election. A good citizen is one who works and lives in harmony with other citizens; no matter what color, creed, religion or gender its fellow citizen may be. Such a citizen is what everyone in Fiji should strive to be in order to make the country a peaceful and happy place to live in. In a multicultural country like Fiji, there will always be differing views and opinions because of the diverse cultural and racial backgrounds people have. Respecting, learning and understanding all these cultures are vital in making the peaceful Fiji everyone dreams of. Everyone should make an effort to learn about the cultures, traditions, religions, beliefs and customs which exist around them. This will lead to better understanding and also in this way, people will learn to accept each other’s differences. In addition, a good citizen is one who is helpful and considerate, willing to put others first. Helping each other in our communities strengthens ties between people. Nowadays, with the upcoming modern societies, ties are lessening. Communities where everyone knew everyone else are becoming places where no one bothers to know their next door neighbors. People go about their days without getting time to spend with others. But in communities where people practice good citizenship, there are get-togethers where people help each other out, whether times are good or bad. Furthermore, helping people who are not in the position of help themselves is a sign of good citizenship. Volunteer work is done by people simply because they wish to give something back to the community without taking anything away. Helping the poor and the needy, mainly those struck by natural disasters, is a good example where volunteer work is done. This brings people closer together and gives them a sense of...
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