Importance of English

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Importance of English
Learning one of the most used language ‘’English”, is very important. There are alot of advantages of English as it helps to find a good job, we can communicate with foreigners on holidays and it makes possible to read original books which is better then translated ones.

First of all, English is very important to find a good job. Sometimes the university which you graduate or the jobs you have been can not be enough to find a good job. Almost in every country, all companies’ first rule is to know English. It is a great advantage against other rivals. English is one of the most common languages in the world thats why global companies such as Coca-cola and Milka or other companies that are on other business sectors want their employees to know perfect English. Even some companies make the job interviews in English. That is why if someone wants a good job, the person should learn English.

Another point is that communicating on holidays or even with tourists is almost impossible with body language however English makes it possible. Imagine that you are on holiday in another country and you do not know any other languages than your mother language. It would be very hard to communicate with local people or to learn the historical places and traditions of the region. English not only helps people to have a good trip but also helps people to make new foreign friends and let them keep in touch.

Thirdly, reading original books is more effective then translated ones. Even on scientific researchs or even reading novels, original ones are better to use and to understand. Sometimes it is possible that the translater of the book can use his personal ideas or to change some pages and this might cause some problems. However, on the original books there is no such a chance and it is more effective then the translated ones.

Finally, on finding a good job or even reading a book or on trips, English has a high importance in all stages of life...
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