Import and Export Business

Topics: International trade, Export, Globalization Pages: 6 (2377 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Import and Export Business
The role of governments role in influencing the ability of firms to compete internationally or are they a hindrance. The government acts as a representative of the nation in all matters that pertain to their relationship with the external world. Business is one of the key factors through which international relations are built. It is hence the role of the government to sell its business units to the world to foster economic growth. International trade is one of the key factors that determine how economically stable a nation would be. Whether the business unit involves government parastatals or private business units, it will have a positive implication on the economic growth of a country. Apart from the job opportunities that most people are likely to benefit from, some levies are charged on goods as well as the units that benefit government projects. Despite the desire that every government has to foster economic growth by promoting international trade, they are usually forced to put measures that will minimize on what is brought and sent out of the country (Nelson, 2000). This is done in consideration of public interest and for the purpose of encouraging and promoting local trade. The government has the ability of looking at the state of international market carrying out a number of forecasts. This can be translated into advice which can be given to local firms which will in turn boost their ability to carry out international trade. The government, through a number of local and international trade seminars can be able to enlighten firms on international standards on export goods (Akhile, 2006). Most local firms loose a chance for their products to be considered in international trade due to their poor quality. They are basically informed of the requirements that need to be met when producing and packaging goods for export purposes. Most of the local entrepreneurs don't know how to gauge the quality of a product basing on the raw materials used. They mix up everything and come up with a product with the hope that it will be recognized on the international market. They are however disappointed when the products are gauged and found to be of law quality and hence not worthy to be exported. The government hinders the ability of such firms to engage in export trade by denying them the opportunity to gain such knowledge. There are a number of seminars that are organized across the continent to empower traders on how to produce quality products. It is through these seminars that traders are made aware of the quality standards that are required for their products. There is however a number of governments that ensures a good representation to such seminars. They assist by sponsoring representatives as well as encouraging them to participate. Since the seminars are done at certain intervals, there is usually a need for the government to give every firm participating or desiring to participate in international trade an opportunity (Hooper & Graham, 2010). The few representatives are encouraged to pass the information obtained to other firms so that they also gain from the same. Apart from such international seminars, the government may also organize local seminars and invite speakers that are more informed about international trade requirements. This will boost the knowledge of local firms who will apply the same to enhance the quality of goods produced. The government also plays an important role of marketing its firms to the international business world. The government through its various representatives makes visits to other states either to attend to functions or simply through a courtesy call. Most of them usually take advantage of such forums to present to the international community what they have as a country. They will give a vivid explanation of the products and their importance to them. Through such meetings, business ties may be enhanced which many subsequently...
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