Implications of the New Wars

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The term ‘new wars’ imply that there must be something called ‘old wars’. This term was coined as part of theory and thought that the way of warfare, its intensity, the beliefs it is based on, and the results have changed in the second half of the twentieth century. In order to understand the theory behind new wars and its implications, one needs to understand the typical definition of ‘old wars’ and their implications (Bartelsman, 2012). Old Wars

The typical definition of the term, war, before the advent of the term ‘old wars’ and ‘new wars’, is that any conflict which arises over one’s ideologies. These ideologies were normally based on one’s definition of an ideal state.

The wars fought usually occurred on battlefields with large amount of armaments of destructive force. The destruction wrought by these wars used to be enormous in nature. The end result of these wars was the destruction of property and infrastructure in all the countries fighting and destruction of industry and transport. The major loss was of life in terms of hundred thousand or even millions in some conditions, both of soldiers and civilians (Kaldor, 2005). Number of soldiers employed used to be enormous in nature as the strength of the country depended a lot on sheer strength of numbers. With the increase in technology and the increase in the destructive force wrought by the armaments, this dependency decreased. End of Second World War is a typical example of the above statement. Nevertheless, the number of deaths in terms of soldiers was enormous in order to reach a conclusion and an end to the war. The reason for the conflict between the parties fighting over was also always clear. The reason for the start of the war and the date of the war was also defined. During the war countries fighting, were normally of comparable power. The major condition of a war happening was that the countries fighting should have an opposing ideals at that point of time, i.e. their definition of state should be different. The major examples of the ‘old wars’ include 1st and 2nd World war and the resulting half century of wars between USA and USSR which destroyed the world. These wars were instigated because of conflicting interests between the nations in terms of defining state boundaries, distribution of power between the nations, and in order to show their superiority in terms of military power. They also occurred for the need of nations to prove their way of ruling a state better than the other state (Kaldor, 2005). The conclusion which can be drawn is that the wars occurred because of well defined objectives. These objectives were usually based on the country’s or the identity’s definition of state. The wars occurred on battle fields and between the soldiers of the conflicting countries. This old war period is proposed to have existed till 1990. The last decade of the 20th Century, and the advent of the 21st century saw creation of the term ‘New Wars’. New Wars

While the term ‘old wars’ had a well defined concept of conflict over the ideology of state, the term ‘new wars’ is used for any conflict which is based on a country’s, political group’s, or religious group’s, moral, political or social agenda. In these wars the deaths of soldiers are replaced by the higher number of deaths of civilians. There is no fixed army or battlefield for these conflicts (Kaldor, 2005). The end of cold war which is said to be the end of ‘old wars’ and start of ‘new wars’ didn’t see any decrease in global or national violence or political meandering. The only difference is the war was either justified on the basis of moral means or a humanitarian intervention. On the other hand killing and attacks were justified on the basis of being victimised and oppressed. The agendas of oppression and...
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