Implications of Mental Illness: Canadian Mental Health Association, 2013

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Implications of Mental Illness
Mental illness is a disease of the mind which affects an individual’s emotional and physical stability. Mental illness effects 1 in every 5 Canadians (Canadian mental health association, 2013). Many individuals that have been diagnosed with a mental condition tend to commit suicide. Of those who are diagnosed with a mental illness 90% commit suicide (Canadian mental health association, 2013). There are many causations of mental illness. Some factors that may cause mental disorders are; genetics, biological factors, personality, as well as the environment (Canadian mental health association, 2013).Approximately 4000 youths commit suicide each year due to an unstable mental condition (Canadian mental health association, 2013). Mental illness can have many implications on an individual as well as on society such as isolation, and finance. A major factor to mental illness is isolation. An individual that has to go through any form of mental illness is the only one who truly knows the feeling that comes with it. One can feel isolated from their friends, family, as well as society. An individual that has a mental illness is afraid of being judged from those around them. This fear forces the individual to isolate themselves from those around before they can get a chance to do so. Rejection is another fear that plunges in the individual. They fear that those around will be unable to accept the individual the way they are and will disregard them in all ways. Individuals are unable to understand the mental and physical implications of mental disorder which the patient has to go through. However withdrawing from society is not the only implication of mental illness. Society also withdraws from the individual. Those who are unable to understand the feelings that are brought on by an individual with a mental illness are quick to leave. This allows those who lack knowledge on the implications of mental illness to understand how it affects the...
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