Implementation Plan

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Implementation Plan
Premier Network Solutions will be constructing an entire network infrastructure for the
company. This documentation will show the methods and processes used to implement
the strategies and procedures.
Purpose: Premier Technology will be developing the network. The implementation
Projected start time will be Nov 12, 2012, Jan 3, 2013 will be the projected finish time.
Premier Technology will begin installation and setup as soon as the cabling structures
Have been built in accordance with the RFP. The purchase of the equipment should be
made at least 3 weeks prior to start of project.
LAN equipment will be purchased 2 weeks prior to start date. The LAN will be complete
Once all the LAN equipment has been installed and properly tested at each location in
Accordance with the proper Quality Assurance measures.
Premier Technology will order, install and test all of the WAN equipment. Purchasing of
The equipment will overlap with the LAN installation process. Premier Technology will
provide fast and effective setup so that all the locations are up and running. All routers
and device will receive Quality Assurance testing that will ensure that the configurations
comply with the guidelines.
Active Directory
All of the active directory hardware will be thoroughly tested to meet the Quality
Assurance checks. Premier Technology will install and configure Active Directory.
The AD database will be constructed with the proper forest/domain in accordance with
The RFP.

Premier Technology will implement the Microsoft Exchange infrastructure after Active Directory services have been installed, configured and properly tested. The exchange Infrastructure will follow the guidelines in accordance with the RFP.
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