Impact of Violent Content on Children

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Gaurav Masram
Brian Rapp
Media Literacy and Research Methodologies
December 6, 2012

The Entertainment Industry, Media Practices and Violent Content: Its Impact on Children: A Conceptual Analysis

The entertainment industry has regularly attempted to influence the audience in an aggressive manner, with marketing practices and newer information, by ever changing technology and mixed media types. However, show business is not unaffected by violent content and unethical marketing practices. Various instances have emerged during the past few years where children influenced by violent content commit extremities like gun-shootouts at malls, movie theaters and universities. The research paper takes conceptual approach to examine the various factors that affect children. Furthermore, it presents arguments based on different event studies, correlational research and experiments; it also dives into findings mystery shoppers survey conducted by Federal Trade Commission (Lordan, 2011). The violent content not only questions the quality standard of the media but also poses a serious threat to children. The violence shown on different media types influences children to behave aggressively at home, and school, persuade their tendency towards drugs and criminal instances.

Robert Durant (Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA) studied the effect of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) on children. It suggest more than 35 million people in the U.S watch WWE: violent content, vulgar gestures and foul language influence children’s behavior (especially the girl child), directly associated the increased aggressive behavior to leaning towards drugs, cigarettes and alcohol (McLellan, 2002, ¶ 2). In addition to Durant’s research, Dafna Lemish (Tel Aviv University, Israel) examined effects of WWE on more than 900 children aging from 7 to 12; study proved that...
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