Impact of Training and Development on Employees Performance

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Course form to fill in

Course title :

|Comparative Management |

Language of instruction :

|English |

Staff responsible for the course :

|Athina Vasilaki |

Lecturers :
Write there the list of lecturers for the whole course, under the format First name SURNAME / First name SURNAME / …

|Athina VASILAKI |

1 ) Course presentation

Aims :
Draw up a list of competencies and/or skills that the student should have acquired or improved at the end of the course. This list should be provided from the student’s point of view. 1. You can write an introduction paragraph if you like to. 2. You must fill in the second field under the format “the student should be able to…”, using action verbs such as define, realise, control… 1.

| | |The course provides a comparative assessment of management styles and practices across different settings and contexts. It introduces | |the students to the European, North-American and Asian management styles employing a compare/contrast approach. The objective of the | |course is to analyse the main similarities and differences that exist in these three contexts through a comparison of the distinct | |management styles that exist. Students will be able to understand that the drivers of sustained competitiveness depend on the ability of| |managers to apply the practices of international management taking into account cultural differences that exist in international | |contexts. This course aims at increasing the students’ knowledge of international business and cross-cultural management. | | | |At the end of the course, the student should be able to: | |By the end of this course the students should be capable of analysing and evaluating the different management styles that exist across | |the globe. They will be able to understand the dynamics behind these management styles and also compile a description of what are the | |best practices across different cultural, political and economic settings. |

Prerequisites :
You must not write courses’ codes or names, but identify the preliminary skills as the knowledge or the know-how needed to efficiently follow this course. Write it out in terms of knowledge and methodologies required to follow this course (this would help students from direct entry to position themselves).

| | |Some understanding of strategic management and cross-cultural management |

Course contents :
Here, an abstract of the course can be given or the different chapters of the course can be simply written down. The description should not take more than half a page in Word.

|The course will cover the below mentioned areas in European, North-American and Asian settings: | |• General organisation of enterprises...
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