Impact of Illegal Drug Use Among Teens

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  • Published: May 7, 2011
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Impact of Illegal Drug use Among Teens
Sandra Rocker
ENG 122
Instructor Tamara Dorris
January 24, 2011

Reducing Drug Trafficking in the United States
Impact of Illegal Drug use Among Teens

For over one hundred years, the United States has been dealing with the use and abuse of illegal drugs. The federal government has spent billions of dollars since 1906 trying to stop the production, distribution, possession and use of drugs. The war on drugs has been long and costly with minimal progress made. Although the use of illegal drugs among teenagers has reduced, their abuse of prescription drugs has risen substantially. Drug use is a very serious problem among school age and college-age individuals and is present on every campus across this country. Even though the war on drugs is ongoing, the government’s efforts to reduce drug trafficking has had little effect on the use or abuse of illegal drugs among teenagers.

Drug abuse continues to plaque our nation, causing destruction along its path, there seems to be no escape from this alarming trend. The most important challenge for drug policy is to reverse these dangerous trends. Illegal drugs are easily accessible; they are in our homes, schools, businesses and even in the jails and prisons. They affect most people in this nation in some form or another, whether abusing them themselves or knowing someone who does or has abused them.

The use of drugs early among teens is especially dangerous, and often lead to unproductive, unhealthy behavior. Involvement in criminal justice system, juvenile delinquency, premature sexual activity (which exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases and increase the risk of unwanted pregnancies), are all associated with the use of illegal drugs. The staggering cost for unnecessary health care, auto accidents, crimes resulting from drug use and extra law enforcement has caused even more damage to an already failing economy.

If the...
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