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  • Published: September 8, 2011
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Text Preview Why do women abandon their babies?
BABIES are gifts from God, but the rate at which they are being abandoned these days is alarming. Abandoned babies are found in every nooks and crannies of our society and this development has become a thing of concern to motherhood and the society at large. Motherhood, they say, represent protection and love, but it is disheartening to see some mothers throwing away and abandoning their babies by road sides, refuse dumps, hospitals,  etc. Some of the mothers of  these abandoned babies leave letters stating reasons  and how much they hate to abandon their babies, while some really don’t care. Strictly Femail conducted a vox pop asking women from different walks of life reasons some mothers abandon their babies. Excerpts: Omotolani Fatola, medical practitioner: -  Women have different reasons for abandoning their babies. It could be that they were not married, it might be that somebody impregnates them and refuses to  take responsibility of the child, it could probably be because of poverty. Although it is not right; to them, they have a reason. Some other women abandon their babies because they are not ready for them in the first place; they might have conceived them  by mistake when they are teenagers. You can imagine a girl of 13 years  getting pregnant, she  wouldn’t want her parents to know, she could run off to a relative for a cover and after  delivery, she either throws it away or abandons it. Olamide Daise, student: - I think women abandon their babies because they have no money to take care of them. Sometimes, the pregnancies are unwanted; some don’t have fathers to claim the children, while  to others, their parents would be too embarrassed if they give birth to a fatherless child. Janet Gabriel, lawyer : Women abandon their babies for so many reasons. First, because the pregnancy is sudden and they don’t have means of livelihood. Second, they simply don’t want to be responsible; they feel the child is just a kind of burden to them. Juliana Festus, banker: - Personally, I believe the only reason a woman can abandon her baby is in a case of  rape. The woman might not be able to keep the baby because of shame and the fact that it might be a source of pain to her in the future whenever she remembers her ordeal; to  love and care for such child would be difficult. She might, however, decide to abandon the baby, hoping that it may get someone to love and care for him/her. Ayo Ajayi, teacher: Women who abandon their babies are shameless and wicked. How would you conceive a child for nine months and later dispose it? Some people, out of pretence, say that they didn’t know they were pregnant until it matures to a stage they wouldn’t  be able to abort it; this is a lie, an unpardonable lie. How would you not know you were pregnant and why not protect yourself or abstain in the first place? Didn’t they know that 99 per cent of unprotected sex leads to pregnancy? Some have looked for children for many years without any, yet some are busy abandoning theirs. They should be thankful to God because He is merciful, if not, I would say some people don’t really deserve any child at all. This action is borne out of human wickedness and anybody who does it deserves to be hanged. Seyi Sokefun, student: – Personally, I feel any woman who abandons a baby is heartless. Why go through nine months of pregnancy and eventually dump the child? Why not abort it from the start? Imagine  the stress and pains during pregnancy, are these not  enough to love and care for the baby? I just can’t imagine doing something like that; it is totally wrong in the sight of God and He  will not forgive anyone that is involved in such act. Giveth Onaviaye,youth corps member: Women should not have any reason to abandon their babies. Any woman who does that is either insane or useless. She must be put in the asylum for immediate medical...
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