Impact of Culture on Business

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Cultural effect on Business
After the effect of globalization that the firms have started to go global and it also becomes very important for the firm to know about the culture of the country in which the firm is going to create a market. Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another. Culture is patterned ways of thinking, feeling and reacting, acquired and transmitted mainly by symbols. Culture is the guider of selection of appropriate responses in social situations, social interactions, business interactions.

Impact of culture on doing Business:
When doing business with an affiliate from another country, consider the cultural differences that may be presented. This includes basic customs, mannerisms and gestures. For example, If a salesperson approaches a meeting with knowledge of a customer’s cultural background, then his words, body language and actions can all be adapted to better suit those of the customers. This in turn may lead to being better liked by the customer, ultimately increasing the salesperson's opportunity to close the deal. Language Barriers:

In some countries, like the United States and Germany, it is common for people to speak loudly and be more assertive or aggressive when sharing ideas or giving direction. In countries like Japan, people typically speak softly and are more passive about sharing ideas or making suggestions. When interacting with people from different cultures, speaking in a neutral tone and making a conscious effort to be considerate of others' input, even if it is given in a manner to which you are not accustomed, can help foster effective business communication. Target Audience:

When launching a marketing campaign or advertising to members of a different culture, always research the target market prior to beginning the campaign. Levels of conservatism, gender views and ideologies can vary greatly between cultures. Presenting a...
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