Impact of British Culture

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“Impact of British culture on international students.”


Many international students are unfamiliar with the national cultural environments in which they are to spend their student life. Cultural differences may bring different ways of doing things that will affect all aspects of their life. Many international students are well aware and respect other people’s cultures and beliefs. There are some who take time to adapt to the new environment.

This research has been done to evaluate the problems faced by international students and to analyse how they overcome them. The responses revealed that there is a need for time management, balancing the demands of work, family and social commitments. The findings would seem to highlight the need for early intervention and support strategies to assist new international students in achieving their goals.


It seems like a very strange place when arriving in a foreign country for the first time. Every country has its own unique social life, norms, food, language, etiquette, sport and culture. Following are the research objectives:

To examine the difficulties encountered by foreign students. To find out whether students are comfortable in adapting new environment. To examine students’ perception of cultural stress, mental health and lifestyle balance. To find out issues faced with respect to discrimination, discomfort and feelings of lack of safety. To examine if any necessary measures shall have been taken to develop programs designed to assist international students adapt to their new cultural setting.


Do you feel comfortable in accepting change and adapting new environment? Do people treat you differently because of your cultural background? Do you feel less important here than in your own country? Do you find lack of safety and discomfort?

Are you comfortable making local students your friends?
Do you find it easy to work in groups or prefer studying alone? Do you think language barrier is one of the reasons that lead to difficulty in adapting new environment? Do you find it easy to participate in group discussions? Do you find people here are friendly and helpful?

Are you able to maintain balance in your social and study life? Have you or anyone has come up with a strategy to cope up with the problems and getting comfortable with new environment?

By devising a questionnaire with around 11 questions and asking international students to respond to it in writing. Using the questionnaire as the basis of an interview with these students. The questionnaire invites comments by respondents on their perception of British culture and their process of adaptation to it and will be used as a primary source. Conduct a review of some websites as a secondary source to get the views of different students about their experience in getting adjusted in new place.

The data collected will then be analysed to present what are the major difficulties and how students respond to the changes in culture, language and lifestyle of new environment.


The questionnaire is not only developed to explore perception of British culture and its impact on international students but also to ask interviewees about their strategies of coping up with homesickness, loneliness, speaking in the target language, etc. Therefore expected result would be positive and beneficial for those students who are new to the country and are facing the same initial problems.


Drawing a research proposal
Collection of secondary data

Outlining of questionnaire

Distribution of questionnaire

Collection of questionnaire

Interviewing the students
Analysis of data collected
Rough draft of report...
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