Impact of Automobiles of 1920s

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Mrs. Gaska
English 3B
14 April 2013
Impact of Automobile In 1920s
The automobile. This one introduction changed America’s history forever, not only economically but socially as well by exploding business opportunities and broadening the independence of all ages.

America’s economy propagated leaps and bounds during the 1920s due to the introduction of the automobile by expanding the horizons of business tenfold. Firstly, the automobile industry gave way to jobs never seen before. In regards to new business, “New jobs due to the impact of the automobile such as fast food, city/highway construction, state police, convenient stores, auto repair shops, and auto part shops” (Brancheau). The new availabilities in professions enabled a more diverse job sector and a proliferation of career choices. Further more, another huge area of expansion that boosted the economy was the agricultural industry. The new accommodations for farmers were countless; “Farmers can ship easily and economically by truck and can drive to town when it is convenient” (Brancheau). The easy accessibility of produce drove the supply through the roof, which in return caused prices to fall and became easier for everyday folk to buy a bigger bulk. Lastly, ease and speed were two characteristics businesses needed to hold in order to keep pace with the new American family. In regards to food, “Drivers wanted cheap, relatively fast food so they could be on their way in a hurry, which was answered by diners” ( Throughout America’s history, few inventions have had such a positive impact on the economy as the automobile, creating jobs, increasing agricultural abilities, and creating brand new sectors in business.

The 1920s social scene was made possible by one thing, and one thing only and that is the automobile. For example, a reverse in the move to the city trend occurred, as people were able to live anywhere and still get to the city to work. Moving out to the outskirts became...
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