Impact Mitigation

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25 September 2012

Question 1.1
Table of contentsPage
1.1.1 Purpose activity4
1.1.2 Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) administration4
1.1.3 Objectives of the EMPr4
1.1.4 Roles and responsibilities4
1.1.5 EMPr for housing complex6
1.1.6 References17


Prepared by
Khabzakhe Environmental Services
September 2012

Khabzakhe Environmental Services (Pty) ltd
P.O.Box A233
West Wing 7966
South Africa

Tel/Fax: +27217829553

Zakhe Dlamini: Environmental Management Specialist
Certification: Certified by the Environmental Assessment Practioners of South Africa (EAPSA)
Tertiary Education: University of South Africa
Msc Environmental Science Management
Experience: 2008-present: Environmental Consultant for Khabza Environmental Services
1.1.1 Proposed Activity
The Development of a new housing complex which has 296 housing sites. Will approximately 35.68 ha of land located near the Vaalriver. The proposed housing units will be serviced with electricity, potable water, and waterborne sewage and tarred road.

1.1.2 Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) Administration
Copies of this EMPr shall be kept at the site office and will be distributed to all senior contract personnel. All senior personnel shall be required to familiarise themselves with the contents of this document. All senior personnel will also be required to sign a register confirming the understanding of the document.

1.1.3 Objectives of the EMPr
* To provide measures to mitigate and manage construction, operation and decommissioning activities in order to minimize potential negative impacts on the surrounding environment. This is achieved by * Assigning environmental impact responsibilities to key personnel * Manage and auditing the specified action plans and

* Managing stakeholder involvement.
Integrated Environmental Management Principles (IEM) has been used as a foundation for the development of this EMPr and must be strictly applied during its implementation. The Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) serves as a standalone document to be disseminated to and used by the contractor and other stakeholders involved in the construction phase of the proposed housing development. It typically forms the basis for monitoring compliance with the Environmental Authorisation (EA) during the construction and operational phase (

1.1.4 Roles and Responsibilities
The implementation of this EMPr requires involvement of several stakeholders, each fulfilling a different but vital role to ensure sound environmental management; the stakeholders are discussed below.

Applicant: eThekwini municipality are responsible for the following; * Ensuring that the engineer and contractors comply with the approved EMPr. Ensuring compliance with the provisions for duty of care and remediation of damage on accordance with section 28 of the National Environmental Management Act and its obligations regarding the control of emergency incidents in terms of section 30 of NEMA. * Notifying the DAEARD of any incident as defined in subsection 30(1) (a) of NEMA (

Project Managers- the engineer is responsible for
* Appointing the appropriately qualified contractor to co-ordinate, supervise and expedite different action plans. * Ensuring adherence to the DAEARD conditions of authorization and any other laws and standards relevant to the construction of the facility *...
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