Impact and Attrition During the Crushing Process

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To maximize crushing, you must marry impact and attrition actions. When size reduction begins, the material is picked up by the lower liner, moved outwardly and caught between the crushing members. The impact of the head results in reduction of material by grinding and by facture of particle-upon-particle caused by forceful relocation to the particles within the mass.

Even at the closest approach of the attrition members, the liners are still separated by a layer of small particles of substantial thickness. In most instances it has been found that a better product and greater usable quantity of desired size is obtained by increase rather than decrease of gap when it becomes a question of optimizing crusher capacity and power draw. Therefore, the setting of the crushing members is not as directly related to the size of the product required as is the setting in the cone-type crusher.

Remember that during the upward thrust of the rotating head two distinct processes combine to reduce the feed into a uniform fine product:

1. The impact of coarse particle against fine particle similar to the action of balls or pebbles in a grinding mill. The progressive structuring of cubical shaped, fine, particles is clearly shown in these two enlarged views of the attrition zone. Finely crushed particles are discharged at perimeter of attrition chamber.

2. The attrition resulting from the high surface friction during forceful relocation of the particles into smaller voids within the feed mass. In the Gyradisc crusher, the combination of impact and attrition offers the most efficient power utilization as compared to other fine crushing or reduction methods employed today.

Cement production line:
China cone crusher:
Artificial sand maker:
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