Immigration Opinion Paper

Topics: United States, Spanish language, North America Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: March 4, 2013
I agree that immigrants must learn to speak English if they want to stay in this country. Puedo hablar cualquier English! HUH? “Go back to where you came from”, are the first words out of my mouth when I hear this. In English it means, I don’t speak any English. Now lets back up just a minute, were in AMERICA, not Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country, so speak OUR language or get the hell out.

Indians first inhabited America back when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and the language spoken in North America was Native American. Then, all the redneck Englishmen either killed most of them or sent them packing to the hills. The native language of the newly founded “America” then shifted to English. Since that time it has remained English for hundreds of years. And yes, years later our country was bettered by immigrants that spoke many different languages and that brought many good things to America, including my personal favorite, pizza and beer. But, all immigrants were taken to Ellis Island where they were checked, processed and screened for diseases and given English exams to make it safe for the people already living here. So, unless all the Mexicans and other illegals in this country want to start a coup to over throw our current system and make the native language Spanish, then they need to learn some English or leave.

I have been to Mexico and if you are outside your resort then you are not expected to be understood by anyone, the same should apply here. All immigrants coming in on vacation that don’t speak English should have resorts set up in certain parts of this country and if they wander outside of them or choose not to visit them then they can huff and puff all they want but shame on them for not knowing OUR native language. Robin Williams is a well known actor and comedian who has created a “plan” for America, in his plan he gives a deal to all those here illegally, “All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and...
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