Immigration Issues in the United States of America

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Immigration Issues in the United States of America

The United States of America (U.S.A) is a country that was founded on immigration. If a surplus of European immigrants would not have made the transatlantic voyage to America, the U.S.A. would more than likely be nonexistent. For centuries foreigners have been flocking to American soil, in search of a fresh start in a safe location. With so much turmoil and hostility going on in varied countries around the world, more foreigners are attempting to immigrate onto American soil. Now that the total population is rising significantly due to immigrants, a plethora of United States citizens are becoming outraged. If only American citizens would open their eyes to reality, they would discover that immigrants are actually benefiting the United States. Once they immigrate, a large percentage of foreigners do everything they can to be successful. Immigrants benefit the country by starting businesses, working jobs the typical American refuses to work, and bringing cultural diversity to the country. Some skeptics believe that foreigners are taking their jobs and raising the crime rate, but they those are wrong allegations. Immigration of foreigners into the U.S.A positively benefits the country in countless ways, instead of negatively affecting it.

The economy of the United States of America has had its ups and downs over the course of its existence as a country. Innumerable amounts of people across the globe dream about someday moving to the United States and living out the “American Dream.” For the lucky foreigners that actually succeed in immigrating to the United States(U.S.)., many of them wish to start up their own businesses. “In 2008, immigrants represented about 17 percent of all new business owners in the U.S., according to The Washington Post. By 2011, immigrants were creating 28 percent of all new businesses, CNN reports”(Immigration Helps US City Economies and Labor Markets, S&P Says."). When immigrants come into the U.S., they search for whatever jobs they can get, so that they may support themselves or their families. Many of the jobs available to these immigrants are low-wage jobs, and with such a low income, it becomes hard to support a whole family. That is why a decent percentage of immigrants are starting their own businesses. Once the immigrant decides to be an entrepreneur, their potential profitability sky rockets, because the success of their business could be exponential. Who would choose a minimum wage job over a high paying business venture? Sure there is a chance that the new business could fail, but that is a chance that these hard working individuals are willing to take. These immigrants came to the United States to have a better life, and they will stop at nothing to make sure all their efforts will not be thwarted. “And as of 2008, immigrant-owned businesses were generating about $67 billion of the country's annual $577 billion in business income”( Immigration Helps US City Economies and Labor Markets, S&P Says."). As far as statistics go, it looks as if these foreign entrepreneurs are succeeding. Other areas of the United States economy rely on immigrants. The agricultural economy of the U.S. relies on immigrants to harvest their crops. If not enough foreigners are allowed into the country, farmers will lose vast sums of money, because their crops will not be harvested in time. “With the harvest season in full bloom, stringent immigration laws have forced waves of undocumented immigrants to flee certain states for more-hospitable areas. In their wake, thousands of acres of crops have been left to rot in the fields, as farmers have struggled to compensate for labor shortages with domestic help”( Bitter Harvest: U.S. Farmers Blame Billion-Dollar Losses on Immigration Laws). Recently with increased border security, fewer immigrants are being let in to the United States, and it has been taking a toll on the agricultural community. Farmers...
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