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Integrated Marketing communication plan for Britannia India


For year ending, Dec.2012

Britannia Industries-

Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian company based in Kolkata that is famous for its Britannia and Tiger brands of biscuit, which are popular throughout the country. Britannia has an estimated 38% market share.

The company is growing at a steady rate, and is currently profitable. Between 1998 and 2010, the company's sales grew at a compound annual rate of 16% against the market, and operating profits reached 18%. More recently, the company has been growing at 27% a year, compared to the industry's growth rate of 20%. At present, 90% of Britannia’s annual revenue of Rs 2,200 crore comes from biscuits.

Britannia in 2010-

• Always committed to constant innovation, Britannia launched Britannia Healthy Start in Mumbai in January 2011. Specially designed with Indian tastes in mind, Healthy Start is a complete range of ready-to-cook breakfast mixes of Upmas, Pohas, Porridges and Oats that are healthy, delicious, and take just 5 minutes to cook! This is the only product range in its category that combines the natural nutrition of multi-grains, 100% real vegetables, pulses and nuts all in one pack.

• Britannia received the Most Respected Company Award 2011 from Business world.

• Bourbon received the Most Popular Confectionery Product Preferred by Youth (Biscuit) Award.

• Britannia further enhanced its foray into healthy milk based drinks by launching TigerZor Choco Milk & TigerZor Badam Milk in May 2011. These are delicious milk based beverages fortified with 5 active nutrients that help in the overall development of mind and body.

1. Brand Logo


2. Brand tagline-

Eat healthy, Think Better.

3. Target Audience

Need for Market Segmentation: - As the companies cannot go to all sectors and to all customers with different needs and demands of customer. So it is very important for any company to identify various markets segments. In this context the segmentation of market of Britannia is analyzed here. Demographic Segmentation:- Looking at the age, gender, family size, income and occupation of various people, Britannia also have segmented there market like: -

Market Segmentation

Depending on Age: - Britannia Fruit Rollz is designed basically for the children. Good Day, Cream Creaker, Marry are basically for the more matured people. Little Hearts are designed are basically for the younger generation people.

• Income: - Good Day, Milk Cream is basically for the people who belongs to a little bit of higher income level. Britannia Marie, Suji tost are basically designed for then who belongs to a little lower level income group. Different products with packages of Rs. 5, Rs. 10 are also made keeping the income status of the people.

Behavioral Segmentation:- Some time people‟s behavior changes with their psychology and mood also. Keeping this into consideration Britannia also has segmented there market.

• Benefits: - At tea time we require also some snacks. Keeping this into consideration Britannia has specified products like Cream Creaker, Suji tost.

• User Status: - People in dating or love often prefers for some time pass with

Some food. Britannia’s Salted Time pass and Little Hearts are the perfect solution for that.

The Little Hearts biscuit are extremely dedicated for the people in love as these biscuits are very little in size, shapes like a heart and perfectly red color.

• Usage Rate: - Britannia has also segmented their market depending on the customer usage rate. Marie Gold is a product which is for High Usage Rate Customers.

Niche Segmentation: - It includes the further segmentation of the segments of the original market. Britannia Slice Cakes and Britannia good day are designed for the people who actually also wants some food characteristics in a biscuit. Different cream biscuits are...
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