Imagine a World Without Imagination

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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Imagine a world without imagination

A prominent leader said to me today, imagination is for children...practical ideas are for adults...hmmm not sure how you get the ideas without imagination. It got me imagining a world

Where we worry less about terms like Web 2.0, Podcasting, Social Media and more about how we can use technology to help change the world for the better... Where we talk about verbs rather than functions.....conversations vs marketing, value vs finance, hearts and minds rather than HR, creating experiences vs sales Where we can interact with the web with all 5 senses....taste food before we buy, smell perfumes, touch clothes.... Where we love searching for the truth according to the person rather than the illusive objective, one truth that doesn't exist Where we enjoy what we have, rather than what we haven't

Where we learn to use the other 95% of our brains...phew could you imagine the effect! Where we give more than we take
Where we all play angel advocates with ideas....
Where we move from the world being "flat" to the world being 3D Where we move from reviewing performance to creating legacies Some may seem far fetched....but then my Nana remembers not having food during the war, women not having the vote, no central heating, TV's or no Web and can you believe it ....even a world without mobile phones! Imagination lies at the evolution of the world, imagination is a precious resource, imagination is a skill we were given at birth and yet the world tries to remove through socialisation - forgetting how it can be used for the power of much do you value imagination for yourself, your friends, your team, your customers...when did you last time dream or let others dream?