Imaginative Journey

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An imaginative journey has three main parts inspiration speculation and imagination.

Imaginative journeys are embarked upon through the transcendence of the threshold of reality. An imaginative journey can be in the form of a dream whether awake or asleep, while reading a story in which both the composer and audience can be involved.

An imaginative journey is generally triggered by a catalyst, which can be in the form of a person or something completely different, such as a choice made by someone within the story. The catalyst initiates the journey and our minds, sometimes with the help of the composer carry us through the to the conclusion of the imaginative quest. Imaginative Journey’s sometimes end in enlightenment, the gaining of knowledge, a break from reality , in remembrance or just a fun way to pass the time . Imaginative journeys are not always voluntary such as the process of falling to sleep.

Imaginative journeys are an extremely important part of life. They are able to take us to places of joy when we are sad. Composers are able to take us on imaginative journeys which control our emotions and take us on our own creative and imaginative journeys. Imaginative journeys can create entirely unrealistic worlds

Imaginative journeys like any other kind of journey are like a path, which bends and turns, there are things, which block the path, and hills that slow down the journey. Obstacles are a vital part of any journey, imaginative journey’s are not real but it may be that we are struggling with the journey of life and need an answer in response to our brain takes us on an imaginative journey to find the answer.
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