Illustrative Paragraph

Topics: Full-time, Failure, Thing Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Joshua Wilson
ENL 095-206
Illustration Paragraph

I think my biggest fear this semester would have to be the fear of failure. Don’t misunderstand me it’s not the everyday little things that I’m afraid of failing at. I guess more than anything it’s the fear of failing at college as a whole. Now I realize that a select group of you guys will shrug and have a good laugh about how someone could be afraid of that. Okay tough guys let’s see if I can’t shake you up a little. Picture yourself a thirty seven year old father and new freshman. Yeah I know you’re not even fazed. Alright let’s add a thirteen year old daughter who already knows it all. I can see it now you’re starting to feel a slight tinge in your stomach maybe a little flutter well hang on it gets better. Now throw in a ten year old son and on top of that a thirty hour a week full time job. Hey come back why you running off anyways? Now all jokes aside you see my fear isn’t of not being capable of doing the whole college thing. My fear is of failing my children by not doing my best. I want my children to realize that a college education does pay off and is one of the most important decisions you can make. If I can make my children see and understand that then weather I pass or fail my classes is irrelevant cause I’ve done my number one job correctly.
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