Illiad vs Troy

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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- In the movie Hector kills Menelaus to save Paris. In the Iliad Hector does not kill Menelaus, Menelaus survives the Trojan War and returns to his homeland with Helen.

- In the movie Achilles is among one of many Greeks that are inside the Trojan Horse. In the Iliad Achilles died before the Trojan Horse ruse was ever exploited.

- In the Iliad Paris is mortally wounded by Philoctetes. In Troy Paris lives.

- Ajax and Agamemnon were also men that survived the Trojan War according to the Iliad, but were killed off in Troy.

- In the Iliad Priam has a daughter named Cassandra that is a prophetess. She tried to warn the people of Troy about the Trojan Horse, though her prophecy fell on deaf ears. Cassandra plays no role in the movie Troy.

- In the Iliad there were several great and powerful men on both sides, besides just Achilles and Hector.

- According to the Iliad, the entire war took ten years. In Troy the war is depicted as lasting only weeks.


- Thetis, Achilles' mother, plays an important role in both the poem and the movie. In both the Iliad and in Troy Thetis warned her son of a prophecy saying that if he participated in the war he would die a young, but glorious death, and his name would live on forever.

- In both Homer's Iliad and the movie Troy, Helen is abducted by Paris and it is this abduction that leads to the Trojan War.

- In both the Iliad and Troy Achilles kills Hector.

- In both the Iliad and Troy, Priam, the king of Troy does sneak into the Greek encampment to speak with Achilles and request the body of Hector.

- In both the Iliad and Troy the Greeks are the victors.
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