Illegal Immigration, the Drain on the U.S. Economy

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Illegal Immigration, the Drain on the U.S. Economy
Peter Fern
Shelli Meade

Illegal Immigration, the Drain on the U.S. Economy

The amount of money that comes out of your pocket for schooling, incarceration, jobs lost, and maintaining the medical system in the United States because of illegal immigrants may be more than people know. During the past few decades, the influx of illegal immigrants has risen dramatically. Illegal immigrants put a huge strain on our school systems, commit a disproportionate amount of crimes in this country and have taken many jobs that American citizens unemployed could do.

The economic drain on the school systems is growing rapidly. There are currently over five million children of illegal’s in our public school systems (Hampton, 2010). The cost to the taxpayer to have these illegals in the school system is over 153 billion dollars since 1996, or about 12 billion per year, it is now estimated that the cost per year is in the range of 29 and 35 billion dollars. The cost has risen significantly since 1996 (Hampton, 2010). The number of anchor babies, these are children born in the United States to illegal’s and automatically become American citizens, since 2002 is estimated at almost 5 million (Hampton, 2010).

Crime is a major concern whenever there are illegal immigrants entering the country. It is estimated by many news organizations that violent crimes in the United States, up to 80 percent of them, are committed by illegal’s who have come to this country and joined Latino gangs (Jones, 2011). The U.S. Department of Justice reported that as of 2009 the notorious 18th Street gang, which operates in more than 20 states and is responsible for the distribution of many drugs, has a 30 to 50 thousand person membership, with 80 percent being illegal aliens (Jones, 2011). There are an estimated 470 thousand illegal’s incarcerated along with 800 thousand considered fugitives (Hampton, 2010). The cost to maintain these illegal’s in prison is over 21 billion dollars since 2008 (Hampton, 2010). “In Los Angeles, 95% of some 1,500 outstanding warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens. About 67% of the 17,000 outstanding fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens” (Wagner, 2007, para. 5).

The number of jobs that illegal’s manage to obtain in this country is growing at the same rate as the illegal’s are coming across the border. If you wanted to see in person the effects of illegal’s in the construction field you just need to visit any new home construction site in the south east, Texas, or any state along the southern border. There you will find many illegal’s doing trades work with very few citizens on site. The illegal’s have no ground to stand on concerning wages, therefore they are taken advantage of and the business owners are not reluctant to use them, as the owner will make more money than if they had to pay a citizen a fair wage. The business owners are also not afraid to hire the illegal’s because the government does nothing to them if they are caught using illegal’s, in most states. The illegals are not just doing menial labor jobs; they are involved in most skill trade jobs where the working wage would have you in a middle class lifestyle. The illegals influx into the trades has dropped wages significantly, with many citizens having to get schooling for another field (Wagner, 2007). The number of skilled jobs that illegal’s do is estimated at 12 and a half million (Hampton, 2010). As American citizens are losing their jobs in this poor economy, it is estimated that illegal immigrants have taken over one million jobs between 2008 and 2010 (Jones, 2012). The majority of illegals pay little to no taxes. If they are paying taxes it is that they have used a forged social security number and have not been caught. The money illegals make is...
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