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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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IKEA associated with manufacturers in foreign countries that provided goods for a lower cost to the company. IKEA bought rugs from India at a cheaper price, “To create a better everyday life for the many people, however IKEA did not know that India was using child labor. They gained success by selling furniture to the public for a lower price. Unfortunately, IKEA was accused for child labor in India. IKEA was told that their producers were using child labor, which means that there were children working in their factories and homes.

IKEA has decided to make some changes in order for the suppliers to avoid children working in the factories. The reason for this was that customers were not longer buying furniture and IKEA was not getting enough income. Also, IKEA has decided to not appear on the documentary because it will appear worldly publicity if there are other issues beside child labor.

IKEA should not join Rugmark because it does not guaranty if they will say the true that the suppliers are not using child labor. Also, IKEA will not have so much opportunity to confirm if child labor has not been used in the manufacture of its products. Rugmark, it is not a reliable company to trust because nobody can guaranty if the child is not working in their homes. I think that if IKEA is close to their suppliers, they will be able to supervise, influence and change the way that people produce and get their goods done.
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