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Marketing Management
Section A: Objective Type Part one: Multiple choices:
1.It is a concept where goods are produced without taking into consideration the choices or tastes of customers Ans) Production concept
2. It involves individuals who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale Ans) Consumer
3. It is the groups of people who interact formally or informally influencing each other’s attitudes& behavior Ans) Reference groups
4. The concept of the product that passes through various changes in its total life known as Ans) Product life cycle
5. It refers to unique set of brand associations that brand strategist aspires to create or maintain Ans) Brand identity
6.It involves a pricing strategy that charges customers different prices for the same product or service Ans) Price discrimination
7. It refers to an arrangement where another company through its own marketing channel sells the products of one producers Ans) Strategic channel alliance
8.It involves facility consisting of the means & equipments necessary for the movement of passengers of goods Ans) Transportation
9. The advertising which is used to inform consumers about a new product or feature & to build primary demands is known as Ans) Informative advertising
10. An art that predicts the likelihood of economic activity on the basis of certain assumptions Ans) Sales forecasting

Part Two:
1.Write a note on importance of consumer behavior for a business firm? 2.Define the term ‘Price’.
3.Distinguish between Marketing Concept and Selling Concept? 4.What are the new trends in advertisement?
5.Briefly explain the following :
a) Socio –culture environment
b) Marketing environment interface.
Section B: Case lets (40 marks)
Case let 1
Ask the company top brass what ‘almost there’ means. The answer: a premier Indian retail company that has come to be known as a... [continues]...
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