Ignorance Is Bliss

Topics: Learning, Ignorance, Mind Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: March 18, 2012
October 17, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

“Ignorance was as familiar as sunshine, but now she knew it was possible to know too much.” Ignorance has become very common place in today’s society, but never has it been thought of as a positive thing. But in such a complex world there are some things that you’re just better off not knowing. Every person starts out as an imaginative, uneducated human, and has we grow up we learn the little things. However, we also lose our originality and most of the time our carefree attitudes. Knowledge takes away your freedom and strips you of your courage, so maybe being somewhat ignorant would do us all some good.

Children are the most ignorant human beings on the planet; however, they are the most creative and are the most likely to enjoy the little things in life. Every little kid sits down with finger-paints and just draws until their little heart’s content. They don’t worry about whether what their drawing has meaning, or whether or not it’s good enough compared to someone else’s. They just enjoy the fun and freedom they have in expressing themselves. As little kids grow up, they learn many things, jealously, hate, insults. They also gain a lot of knowledge; however, they also lose most of their imagination and more often than not, all of their originality. So, which is better ignorance or intelligence? If everyone wasn’t so intelligent they might be able to stop and just relax for a second, take some time to appreciate the beautiful things in life, and stop taking everything for granted.

Knowledge can take away your freedom and your ability to dream. As a teenager, anything seems possible, you’re completely invincible. Teenagers believe that they can be anything they put their minds too. They believe that there are no boundaries and they are completely naïve about the hurdles they will have to overcome. But again as they grow a little bit more, and learn a few more things, it becomes apparent that this isn’t always...
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