If I Were a Millionare

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  • Published : December 26, 2011
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Money plays an important part in our daily life. The rich enjoyed all The comforts of life but the poor cannot get even a square meal twice A day. I sometimes dream of getting rich-so rich I could have everything. I need. I have certain wishes which I would like to fulfill if I become a Millionaire. I shall invest some of my money in prize bonds, saving Certificates and the like. In this way I shall not only get benefit for Myself but also help my country in its development plans. Further, I shall open schools and colleges that will give free education with Board and lodging to poor students. I shall also set up a big library. It will contain a large number of valuable and rare books. I shall Set out on a world tour to know about the living conditions and Customs of different nations. It will give me first hand knowledge About life in other countries. first of all, I shall go to Britain and spend A few days there. I shall visit the famous seats of learning and meet eminent Scholars. Then I shall travel across the continent, stay at important places and Reach Russia. From there I shall proceed to Central Asia, a region that has always Attracted me. Then I shall go to China and see the forbidden Tibetan city of Lhasa. Next , I shall cross over to Japan. Then I shall fly to the United States of America and Spend a couple of months in touring the country. I shall also visit some of the important Countries of Africa. after the completion of my travels, I shall write a book containing First hand information about the countries. I have visited. I shall write about the customs, Manners and ways of living of different nations. However, I shall not fail to mention the Common qualities that bind all human beings into one brotherhood. Lastly , I mast say That I shall build a large house at a place of my choice. And lived a peaceful life there. It is said that the rich are selfish and greedy. I shall set an example to other wealthy People and show them way to contentment...
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