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If I were given money as a gift and had a choice between buying a piece of jewelry that I like or tickets to a concert that I want to attend, I would most likely choose the concert tickets. It actually depends on what kind of concert it is but if it was about music, for example a live performance of a famous musician, I would probably choose the concert tickets. This is because the jewelry can be bought any time when you can afford it but attending a concert has a much more rare chance. Eventually I would probably choose to attend the concert I wanted.

Most of all, a piece of jewelry can be pretty and you might feel good when you wear it, but music is a lifelong interest that I will continue to have throughout my life. Going to a live concert can be a wonderful experience that I will remember for a long time, but when I buy a piece of jewelry, the good feeling I get from buying it will last only a short time. The gift of going to a concert can keep on giving even after the concert is over. If I enjoy the concert, I can buy the music that I saw live on a CD and listen to it many times over or record it by video tape and relive the experience. Each time I listen to the music, I might find a new detail that I did not notice before, but a piece of jewelry will be always the same.

In addition, having a jewelry will not be able to share the feeling; your friends will be jealous of you instead, where as you might be able to attend the concert with your friends. It is always nice to listen to music, but it is made even more enjoyable when it is seen live with friends. By going to a concert together we would be able to strengthen our relationship. Over all I would prefer to attend a concert using the gift of money.

In conclusion, even though having a new piece of jewelry is nice, I would prefer to buy tickets for a concert if I were given money as a gift. The reasons why I would choose the concert tickets over a piece of jewelry are that going to a concert...
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