“If You Speak a Different Language You See a Different World”

Topics: Linguistic relativity, Human, Psychology Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: June 5, 2011
Humans are complicated creatures, with multiple expression of their nature. The variation of humans is not only physical, as appearance, power and sex, but psychologically as well, as the expression of the human emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The language is a tool for communication, which is specifical for the human beings, which appears in the far pre-historical ages. Even though some animals use complex systems for communicating, they don’t have all of the properties, which is defined for the language.

Language is the way of communication, while the human languages are a way of presenting the thought. It is controversial how the humans think – by figures (images) or by concepts (words). In general, it is clear that thinking happens via ideas and imagination, which are expressed by words, and organized in speech.

Sciences like Neurolinguistics claim that, thinking and language are so related, that changes in languages can organize thoughts, ideas, imaginations and human actions. This science also believes that the language has a description of the world, which is productive- meaning that it organizes the human’s mentality. Edward Sapir, in the early 1900's, first identified the concept that language defines the way a person behaves and thinks. He believed that language and thoughts, that we have, are somehow interwoven, and that all the people are equally being effected by the confines of their language. In short, he belived that all the people out there are mental prisoners; unable to think freely because of the restrictions of their vocabularies. Sapir’s student, Benjamin Whorf, picked up the idea of linguistic determinism and made it his own, and created what was called afterwards the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. It states that language is not, simply, a way of voicing ideas, but is also the very thing which shapes those ideas. One cannot think outside the confines of their language. The result of this process is many different world views by speakers of...
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