If You Could Be Attractive and Stupid or Intelligent and Ugly. Which One Would You Prefer? Why?

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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Topic: If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly. Which one would you prefer? Why?

A person of high intelligence will get successes effortlessly no matter how he looks; therefore, I’d rather become an intelligent ugly girl than become a beautiful stupid one. A smart person with unattractive appearance; in my opinion, has much motivation to step forward as well as has been treated with much more respect from other people. In fact, an ugly person can also change to a beautiful one thanks to cosmetic products and medical advances.

More unattractive a person looks, more efforts he makes to establish himself. If a nice person attempts one time, an ugly one has to make manyfold attempts. Book worms without nice looks are usually bullied at school. “The beast” are boycotted and not involved in any school activities with “the beauty”. At that time, “the beast” have to use their own initiative in order to encounter these difficulties. Similarly, the unpretty persons, in the outside, suffer many hardships before they get successes by themselves. Susan Boyle, a runner-up of Britain’s Got Talent, has inspired lots of people around the world although the public first think she’s crazy and never get any prizes with her weight problem. Finally, this underdog can proudly appear in the public eye after 36 years trying and trying.

In general, the group of charming persons easily attracts much more criticism than the ugly group, especially the fair sex. For a long time, everyone has doubted even the truth that Girls’ Generation became popular all over Asia because of their great performance. Haters claim that “these Korean golden girls” do nothing on the stage but expose their sexy body. In the same situation, Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most famous actors in USA, was supposed to be “a bad book with a beautiful cover.” After Titanic’s big success, the handsome actor was transformed from an unknown actor into a commercial...
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