If Animals Could Talk

Topics: Superpower, Potential superpowers, United States Pages: 44 (8718 words) Published: September 5, 2012
tell me was that wish one good, bt it was directly frm the net n other people too will research. tis is what i wrote if u could edit tis one with some icebreakers and jokes would be good n san what about the other speech, have u gone through that as well. Respected judges and my fellow competitors.. I'm Sahil Badri, a prefect from Lancers Army School, a 4th grader an,d i'm well acquainted with the term 'power', its pros and cons.Does that ring a bell. yes my topic for the day is "if i possessed a superpower" what would it be. to be Omniscient. The power of knowing everything. Having the superpower of earning money would definitely make you like bill gates, but is the richest man the happiest man.The power of timetravelling is just for personal entertainment, like watching " Back to the future" on your idiot box. being Superman/batman/n spiderman is fun frankly. the most satisfying part of being a superhero is making others happy. but is that all there's to it? having the superintelligence of knowing everything could make me help evade wars, capture terrorists, find root causes to life thretening diseases. read people's mind. i could work with the chief mininister n the president strategising plans for our india thus making it the most developed country globally. wouldn't it be interesting advicing the finance minister how to control inflation and raise the income of the people. last but not the least drawing adiet plan for my daddy so he could eat all the chocolates without gaining any extra flabs. now all that sounds really cool. like carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders! now tis would definitely make me popular. imagine no more fright of global warming, no more homeless people in the world. i would be the most sort after human being on the entire planet. but dear friends, i'm only 9years now and possessing a superpower involves a lot of risks too. with great power comes great responsibility too u c. using such vital power under the influence of anger and resentment would have dire consequences, n i'm not sure i'm quite ready to shoulder such responsibilty at present. so i guess for now i will settle at using my regular powers to help my fellow students, friends, people and the planet. what is i really did have tis power, i'd already know the winner of this competition. But wait!! I go back to thinking.. (look at your audience and judges and ask) what if i really did have tis power??? *pause and smirk* Well, i'd already know who the winner of this competition is *and smile* If Animals Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Despite the emotional attachment that most humans share with animals, there is always the lingering frustration that people feel about not being able to communicate verbally with them. Part of this comes from a complete misunderstanding of the essential similarities and differences between how humans and animals think. Animals and humans reason things out based on many factors. Both creatures make decisions based on instinct, environment and experience and both are often wrong in their choices. Being wrong is more often the result of just not having enough information to make an informed decision or having too much, rather then anything to do with a flaw in the thinking process of either creature. If wild land animals knew they would be killed and eaten by stronger predators, they might avoid places like watering holes where such attacks would be likely to take place at times of the day or night when the risk is the greatest. The best they can do is respond to instinctive knowledge that predators exist and watch for signs that they might be near. Their reasoning process just does not allow for much more. Does this mean that they are mentally inferior to us? The answer may surprise you! Nature has a way of evening things out. If animals that often become prey eventually developed the ability to avoid their stalkers, Predators would also have to make mental changes or become extinct....
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