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Topics: Hamburger, McDonald's, Time Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: October 23, 2012
A: The Graph A shows the trend of hiring new staffs in the company, represented by the specific percentage of each year from 1997 till present. From the graph, the percentage of newly recruited staff steadily declined from 1997 to 2003, followed by a considerably stable period thereafter. The decrease was initially moderate but saw a sharp turn in 2000. After 2003, however, the figure becomes considerably constant in the following years.

B: The bar chart B reflects the change of average office hours per week in that company within a time span from 2000 to present. In general, we can see the average office hours of one week steadily increased during that period, although the variation between two consecutive years was slight. The lowest point occurs in the year of 2000, while the weekly office hours reach the largest number at present.

C: The line graph in part C shows the trend of cost to company in terms of sick leave, spanning from 2000 to present. The line shape indicates that the cost caused by sick leave was quite stable during the first three years, but surged dramatically since 2003, and the increase trend began to slow down in 2005. In a word, the cost of sick leave has a significant rise over the past decade, in spite of a substantial stable period at the beginning.

P101-No. 9-11
The graph shows the trends of annual hamburger sales of Harry’s from Jan to Dec this year. From the graph, the sale volume of hamburgers kept stable in the first three months, and then underwent a slight decline in Apr and May. From Jun, the hamburger sales grew dramatically and reached the peak in the month of Aug, followed by a sudden drop in Sep and Oct. After Oct, the sales began to increase gently, but till the end of year, the sale level was still lower than that of the year beginning. In conclusion, the hamburger of Harry’s is most popular from Jul to Sep, and the least popular in Oct. The last three months of the year had the smallest...
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