Identity Research Paper

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Identity Research Paper
Malcolm Rivers from the movie “Identity” has been diagnosed as a mentally ill patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This disorder is basically another name for a multiple personality disorder. The disorder is usually caused by severe trauma, emotional or physical, that causes people to create “multiple personalities” so that they can deal with certain situations. They usually have the inability to recall important information and have blackouts. Lastly, they have confusion of personal identity for an assumption of a new identity. The patient, Malcolm Rivers has committed several vicious murders and is waiting for execution. There is a journal that Rivers has explaining why he really committed the murders of all these people at a motel. His psychiatrist, Doctor Malick, tries to explain to the Judge who wants to have Rivers executed that he wasn’t responsible for the murders. The argument Dr. Malick made for it not being Malcolm Rivers fault is that it was one of his personalities because in his journal he has written down personal and private thoughts of several different people, which is a symptom of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Doctor Malick took Malcolm Rivers in front of the Judge and started questioning him to prove that he has multiple personalities. When he was questioning him though, he wasn’t Malcolm Rivers; he was “Ed”, the limo driver from the motel that everyone was getting murdered at. “Ed” keeps having these blackouts and this one blackout led him into the courtroom with Malick and the judge. “Ed” tells them what was happening at the motel and how it was bizarre that everyone was getting murdered and bodies were disappearing. In response to Malcolm Rivers or “Ed’s” story, Malick tells “Ed” about how he is really Malcolm Rivers. Rivers’ traumatic childhood has a strong effect on him, which made his personality fracture into different personalities. He remembers his mom as being “promiscuous” depending on whom she...
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