Identity Is Influenced by Socialisation

Topics: Jean Piaget, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (1264 words) Published: June 19, 2011
The development of our identity is strongly influenced by socialisation. The environment and people around us form our lifestyles and create who we are and the values that we grow up to learn and accept. Family, peers and location are the some of the socialisation factors that influence an individual’s identity. There have been two particular theories which show the impact that socialisation has on identity. Jean Piaget based a theory around the cognitive development of a child up to adulthood. Abraham Maslow based a theory more-so on the various needs that a child gains through their journey to adulthood, however on Maslow’s theory a person can progress and regress through the stages. Both of these theories are based on the ‘nurture’ side of development because socialisation impacts ones identity.

Family influences on the development of identity. It is the most important factor in an infants and a child’s life. Family provides an infant/child with food, clothing, health services, a place to sleep, love and a sense of security. When an infant lacks these, their developmental process is altered. Maslow’s theory backs this statement, as an infant cannot progress if they aren’t provided with these physical necessities. Infants learn from their parents the things that society deems as acceptable and not acceptable. They learn how to behave i.e. what is right and wrong. They also pick up personal traits from family members, which may sometimes be hobbies, interests and behavioural mannerisms. In the ‘life at 1’ series we see one of the children, Shine, whose parents were placed in a difficult financial situation where they had limited resources to provide for their children, even food. Shine is described as a resilient child, which she has probably picked up from her parents through their hardship. You can contrast this with another of the babies, Anastasia, who had two average income earning parents. Anastasia is seen as more spoilt almost; because she has...
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