Identity Construction, Performance, and Management

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Identity construction, performance and management
Identity refers to the image and personality of individuals, their characteristics, mental level and self esteem which differentiates them from other individuals. Today, human race is not only threatened by natural calamities, wars or scarcity of food and resources, but also an identity of people, because the era we are living in right now is intense and the people’s interests towards non-material sphere is increasing. This is leading to new facts which are complex, different, and sometimes unidentifiable and even if identified, the problems are difficult to decode. Ethical propositions that control value and behavior make up the identities of individuals distinct personality which continuously develops and goes through evolution which actually comprises of sense of continuity, uniqueness from others and affiliation. Identity construction revolves around the idea of what is right and what is wrong. Similarly what is advantageous or disadvantageous and corrupt or legal. These norms are not fixed but are ways of identity formation and differ from person to person. In the system of identity formation there must be a set of standards or norms, with creative, mutual relationship. People must possess judgmental skills of what they approve and condemn regarding certain behaviors of others. The most important phenomena that people face today is tackling interpersonal communication. The method of transaction of messages between two persons or more, who work for creating, maintaining and achieving a mutual goal is known as interpersonal communication. Communication is affected by two persistent factors, technology and culture. These two factors influence interpersonal communication and human relationships deeply. Almost every working hour of our life we have to meet and greet people. Communication is important to satisfy the physical and social needs of people. Because each individual is different, therefore...
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