Identify the Key Aspects of Current Legislative Requirements and Codes of Practice Relevant to Your Subject and the Type of Organisation Within Which You Would Like to Work.

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within which you would like to work.

There are many Acta and Regulations that the beauty industry need to follow some of these include:

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Protects almost everyone involved in working situations. It states the responsibilities of the employer and employee. All the other acts come from this one. Your responsibilities are to ensure your own safety and that of others, to cooperate with your employer on health and safety issues.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992
The regulations cover legal requirements for: Maintenance of workplace equipment, ventilation and indoor temperatures, lighting, cleanliness and handling of waste materials, workstation and flooring, facilities for staff to rest and eat, drinking water, sanitary conveniences.

The Manual Handlings Operations Regulations 1992
The regulations apply to occupations where manual lifting occurs. The employer is required to carry out a risk assessment that should address: risk of injury, the manual movement involved and physical constraints the load occurs, individual lifting ability, any action to take to minimise the risk involved.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002 Legislation covers the storage, handling, using and disposing (SHUD Storage Handling Using Disposing) of chemicals. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, salon policies and local by-laws.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (PPE) 1992 The Employer has to provide suitable and sufficient protective clothing and equipment for all employees to use and employees to use it. Type of PPE in a salon could be: disposal gloves, overall or apron.

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