Ideals of Beauty

Topics: English-language films, Sociology, Number-one singles in New Zealand Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: May 12, 2013
This social issue has been present for hundreds of years; the standard belief that one must be ‘pretty’ to be accepted in society. Through the past decades we can see a trend in this. Women are required to have a certain body shape, their faces must be a certain way, they must weigh this amount only, and makeup is the best way to make someone ‘beautiful’. This is an unhealthy obsession created by a society that does not even know what it means to be realistically beautiful. They make up these outrageous notions and rules for people. If they do not fulfill these expectations, they are outcasted. Opinions on this issue range from completely different sides of the spectrum. Many are convinced that they need to undergo such drastic procedures to look like what society perceives as beautiful. They are fine with the idea of changing themselves to fit into this mold. Others are very much against such actions. They try to advocate and encourage girls and boys alike to accept themselves, flaws and all. Those people believe that society has been corrupt throughout history. We are taught to be happy with who we are but many struggle to do so. Many people, especially teenagers, are vulnerable to such. Personally I am very torn with this issue because I have fallen into this belief that I must look a certain way to be see as pretty by this superficial society. Like many others my age, I struggle to dress and look a certain way to feel good about myself. Most times hurting myself in the process. The pain and the depression is not worth it but we endure it anyway in order to look a certain way. Though I feel this way sometimes, I am completely against people who think they need to change themselves to fit in and are harassed or judged if they do not. They are fine the way they are, but society tells them otherwise. I really believe people should accept themselves even if I cannot do so myself at this moment. Everyone has something beautiful about him or her. Being...
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