Id System

Topics: Smart card, Access control, Magnetic stripe card Pages: 8 (2843 words) Published: March 12, 2012

This thesis addresses the problem of helping the PUNP security system in implementing the deeper meaning of NO I.D. NO ENTRY policy by using this type of I.D. monitoring system. This monitoring system will avoid the bad behavior of some students who are borrowing different I.D. just to enter the PUNP campus and also to monitor the time when the student enters and leaves the campus. This system works by alternate reading of the machine time in and time out only. Otherwise, the system cannot read two or more consecutive of time in or time out. So the bad practice of some students who are giving their I.D. through the fence to another student that forgot their I.D. will not work anymore.



This research study is descriptive and explanatory research endeavor. It seeks to inform the reader about the benefits and advantages of having more convenient and systematic ID system because indeed, high technology and security is related to each other. Having convenience in all our tasks performed in our daily lives is very helpful using high technology equipment and gadgets. How about attaching this concept in terms of our security measures? The researchers will introduce a type of security system that will help a lot in terms of identifying students, faculties, staffs and visitors using the magnetic stripe card, sometimes called swipe card or magstripe. In many establishments and institutions, they are using stripe card. The introduction of magnetic stripe based swipe card entry system was the first step in the direction of automatic access control. After that came smart cards and contactless smart cards. For even higher level of security in accessing secured areas, one can implement the biometric-based secure swipe card access systems as well. This project study is based and came from the following technologies that contributed a lot: Magnetic stripe based swipe card syste (Forrest Corry Parry, 1921 – 2005), Smart card based access control (Michel Ugon in 1977), Bar Code (Bernard Silver, 1924 – 1963 and Norman Joseph Woodland, 1921), Radio Frequency Identification (Léon Theremin, 1896 –1993), Biometrics (or biometric authentication) (John Michael "Mike" McConnell, 1943). Since magnetic stripe card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material on the card, it can store data of students, faculties, staffs and visitors. Furthermore, if there will be additional improvement and data suggested by the users that the researchers have not provided during the construction, this study is also open for development because it is programmable. That is an advantage of having a computer-based project. Tripod electrical turnstile and mechanical turnstile models can also be used in this project. This turnstile use electromechanical control devices to provide secure and highly effective access control. In the bi-directional mode, the tripod arm is locked until a valid ID is presented to the readers. Two readers will work together to control the access and direction of flow. This system works by alternate reading of the machine time in and time out. These systems monitor also the time that the person enters and leave the campus. The effectiveness or the impact will be evaluated using the outcome of the proposed project both in the entire Province of Pangasinan and to the issue about the security of schools especially to all enrollees and old students, faculties, staffs and visitors. Some of those impacts are avoiding of barrowing id of students from another student. This will result for that particular student to invalidate the ID and not to enter inside the campus without the original ID or lost of it. Another impact is to have more presentable gate engaging the flow of having high technology security components regarding with the gate admission and also to avoid...
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