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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Construct : S12 Database Development
Aspect : LA6.S12.1 Develop A Database
Instrument: Practical Session

Tasks to be completed.

1. Refer Appendix C for project details

2. Refer Table Of Construct for assessment details

3. Develop a database according to requirements in TOC

4. Complete Report Form

5. Submit Report Form and softcopy of database that has been developed.


The form teachers of your school are required to submit a report on the monthly test results of each student to the school administration. As an ICT student, you are asked to develop a Test Marks Information System (TMIS) to assist the teachers in recording the subject marks obtained by each student. TIMS should generate a report to show the subject marks, total marks and average marks of the students from each class.

In the system, you are required to:

a) create a database that consist of two tables, namely table STUDENT and table CLASS. The database should store student ID, name, class, form teacher and marks for each subject taken. b) enter at least four classes into the CLASS table.

c) enter at least two students’ data for each class.
d) create a query that links the two tables. The query should be able to calculate the total marks and average marks for each student automatically. e) create a form for each table in (a). The form must show the title given and descriptive labels. f) create a report based on the query in (d). The report must show the subject marks, total marks and average marks of the students from each class.

Complete the RF.CW.LA6.S12.1 form. Submit the RF.CW.LA6.S12.1 form and the softcopy of the information system to your teacher at the end of the assessment session.


The fundamental elements in this assessment are 2 Tables, 1 Query, 2 Forms, and 1 Report as shown below:

|Database Name: |TMIS.accdb | |Table Name: |STUDENT | | |CLASS | |Query Name: |qryTMIS | |Form Name: |frmSTUDENT | | |frmCLASS | |Report Name: |rptTMIS |

Steps to Develop Database Project Using MS Access 2007.

1. Getting Started. Click on MS Office Button > New.


2. Change the file name to TMIS. Click Create.


3. This window will appear.


4. To create CLASS TABLE

a. Click on View > Design View.


b. This box will appear. Rename the Table 1 to CLASS. Click OK.


c. This window will appear.


d. Key in the field name as shown below:-

|Field Name |Data Type | |ClassName (set as primary key) |Text | |FormTeacher |Text |


Afterwards click Save

e. To enter data into CLASS Table, click View > Datasheet View.


f. Enter four classes and four form teachers into the CLASS table. Save the table.


5. To create STUDENT TABLE

a. Click Create. Choose Table icon.


b. This window will appear.


c. Click View > Design View.


d. This dialog box will appear. Save the table name as STUDENT. Click OK.


e. This...
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