Ice Cream

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Self Serve Concept - Why this is the best choice…………..4-5

The Players - Your Options…………..6
Straight Purchase (Total Independent) - No money down, no royalties…9-10

Product Cost and Suggested Selling Prices………10
Liquid vs. Powder Mixes………10-11
Topping Costs…….12
Average serving sizes…..12

Typical Overhead Expenses…..12
Labor Costs……13
Sample Store Layout…14

Key Equipment……..15
Machines: Stoelting, SaniServ and Taylor………..17-22
Register/Scale POS system……..23
Drop in Refrigerated topping bar……23

What works, what doesn’t………24

Biggest Mistakes people make……….24



Why do we give away valuable information for free? You might think there’s a catch, but all we ask is that in exchange for us helping you decide whether this business is for you, that you consider us to be your equipment supplier. With that, we hope you enjoy this guide and find the information useful. Frozen Yogurt is making a comeback.

In the 80’s and early 90’s, soft serve frozen yogurt was a hot item. It was everywhere. Over time, the market matured and eventually became saturated. Frozen Yogurt started to gradually decline in the late 90’s and settled into a treat you could still find, but not as easily.

Flash forward to the past few years….Frozen Yogurt franchises like TCBY, Pinkberry, Red Mango, and a host of others are doing a bang up business. But now, the newest concept is really warming up.
You’re probably reading this because you’ve been to a self serve frozen yogurt shop and seen that it’s doing huge volume. You want in on the action and I can’t blame you one bit.
The hip self serve frozen yogurt concept is simple:

Between 8 and 16 flavors of low fat, non-fat and tart frozen yogurt flavors

a variety of berry and exotic real fresh-cut fruit toppings in addition to cereal and cookies and other candy toppings

curvy counter and furniture; accented with colorful hip floors and wall coverings

Plasma TV’s showing something “cool” like music videos

Plasma TV’s above the counter with an animated menu

Customers grab a big cup, pick their favorite flavors and...
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