Icd Inland Container Depots

Topics: International trade, Export, Containerization Pages: 5 (1586 words) Published: February 14, 2011
ICD as the concept: 1 In recent times, global trade, in line with it the Indian foreign trade has grown phenomenally both in terms of volume and complexities. Infrastructure needs and innovative methods in logistics management are growing hand in hand with the International trade needs. Ports these days mainly act as gateways and cater to the hinterlands of India which are now serviced by the advent of ICDs. ICDs thus generate business opportunities, general employment and global competitiveness of the local industry. Need for ICDs

Ports and harbors, due to inherent structural and procedural constraints, cannot accommodate the increased traffic in containerized cargo. Such increase in container traffic necessitated ancillary facilities, which could: v Provide a place for speedy evacuation of import containers from the port; v Provide a place where the activities like unitization (standardized packing), stuffing, de-stuffing and regulatory clearances like customs formalities can be undertaken; v Act as a warehouse to ensure safety & security of air and sea cargo during in-transit storage; v Provide a secure place for storage and transport of empty and loaded marine containers. Similarly international air cargo also needs handling / customs clearing facilities in the hinterland so that airports can service aircrafts and larger aircrafts instead of cargo and more cargo. This has led to the development of "distribution parks". Globally, distribution parks are referred to as "distriparks", which are typically congregations of warehouses in particular locations. The critical element behind the concept is the provision of extended logistics services given the increasing need for integrated logistics and value-added services. Such distriparks facilities developed within regulatory framework provide customs clearance facilities and are more popularly known as Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICDs). CONCEPT SYNOPSIS OF Inland Container Depots (ICDs)

Inland Container Depots (ICDs) / Container Freight Stations (CFSs) are common user facilities with public authority status equipped with requisite infrastructure and to handle export and import cargo. They are the receptacles and origin of every foreign trade transaction in the hinterland. The proposed service offerings of KDPL include –

v Transportation of containers to and from the gateway port - airport / manufacturing units v Stuffing / destuffing of cargo in containers and road vehicles, customs clearance and storage in warehouse or as a “full container load” (FCL) in the container yard. 2 v The company will also provide consolidation – deconsolidation facility for “less – than – container load” (LCL) import-export cargo. Functions / benefits of potential Inland Container Depot (ICD) Advantages to the customer: ICDs are local solutions for the foreign trade of the hinterland area as they provide localized solution and expertise to the predominant trade / industry of that particular region locally. Capacity utilization of port CFSs and dispersed nature of industry clustered in the hinterland is a hard reality that needs solutions in terms of local EXIM infrastructure in the hinterland. The benefits of ICD are as follows:

ü Consolidation points for long distance cargo from / to port without detour ü Serve as an international transit facility for FCL / LCL Ocean cargo and air cargo ü Customs clearance facility available near centres of production and consumption, assuring of reduced and proper handling of cargo ü Reduced level of demurrage and pilferage and virtually no detention of containers or cargo compared to port facilities ü No customs formalities / documentation required at gateway ports / airports ü Issuance of through bill of...
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