Ib Tok Role of Intuition

Topics: Scientific method, Observation, Hammurabi Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Intuition can be generally defined as “the result of one’s instinctive or ‘gut’ feeling rather than their conscious reasoning.” Intuition is natural and critical in the lives of everyone because of its frequency. In every instance there is some degree of intuition one could encounter, I find myself relying heavily on my instincts in some situations of my life and disregarding that “gut” feeling in others, as a result the term “intuition” may need to be redefined. Within the sciences intuition could refer to one’s subconscious process to solving a problem, such as when forming a hypothesis or theory. Within the arts intuition could refer to the feeling one develops about a piece; however this should not be confused with the viewer’s opinion of the piece because the viewer’s intuition should refer to the immediate thought of the piece without analysis. In the area of ethics the general definition of intuition should be applicable. Although intuition is important in the aforementioned areas of knowledge, the intuitive knowledge derived from one’s intuition is not a reliable source of knowledge; rather it is a reliable process for an individual to develop their own, unique opinion.

Within the area of the arts intuition plays a critical role within the creation of an individual’s initial opinion and is often the most valuable contributor to that opinion, even if intuition is not a reliable source of knowledge. Although intuition is applicable to many disciples of the arts, I will restrict my discussion to the visual arts which include paintings, drawings and sculptures. A few months ago I was visiting a modern art museum in Fort Worth and was exposed to Richard Diebenkorn for the first time and my immediate response was to question why Diebenkorn was famous for his million dollar artwork because it looked as if I could have created some of his pieces when I was in primary school. Only after I experienced that instinctive feeling did I realize that I felt like that...
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