Ib English Oral: Whatever It Takes to Stay in the Game

Topics: Tour de France, Obesity, Lance Armstrong Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: February 14, 2013
English Oral: Whatever it takes to stay in the Game

Describe picture:
Soccer game
Man in the foreground wearing a jacket with anti doping inscription •Caption ....

What is meant by “Whatever it takes to stay in the Game?” •Give your best to stay in the game, competition

This sentence has various meanings:
train a lot
when you are injured take tablets
performance drugs

Why would you want to stay in the game?
willing to make a lot of money
get famous
be able to afford everything
build up reputation
sponsor, good future for family

Several cases of doping in different sports (Armstrong, Mutu, Culpepper)

Why would you dope?
Professional athletes are under a lot of pressure to be competitive (media, sponsors, managers, etc.) •what they only care is money

most of the athletes have short careers -> less time to achieve best performance (peak level of their career) (Ronaldinho + Marktwert) •with some doping they improve their performance

Types of doping drugs:
1 Stimulants, such as amphetamines,
2 anabolic steroids, such as nandrolone,
3 diuretics, to help lower body weight,
4 blood doping agents, such as EPO.

Example from other sports
From previous research: quote Armstrong: do everything possible, ... •winning at all costs
Armstrong was 2 years ahead
as a result -> he won 7 tour de France in a row

maybe unfair but he was not the only one.
Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer support

Example Mutu
took sibutramine , weight loss drug
9 month ban
had to loose weight to get back to good fitness level
soccer doping is not acceptable

get charged
risks like a business ( win or loose situation)

drug use is a risk, when you don’t get caught you get famous. •when you get caught you loose only your reputation

the fame and money remains

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