Ib Chemistry Lab Format

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AP/IB Chemistry Internal Assessment Lab Format

The following titles and subtitles (in bold) should be used for your lab report and given in this order within your lab report.

Title: choose one to fit your experiment

I. Design

A. Problem – must be a focused, clear research question.
B. Hypothesis (When appropriate)
• Clear answer to Problem –
• Logical rational
• your conclusion should address the hypothesis you are giving here. C. Variables – list each variable under the appropriate category as follows: 1. Independent Variable-- this is the variable that you manipulate directly. It is not affected by (i.e. it does not depend on) the other variable. 2. Dependent Variable-- this is the variable that you are measuring. It depends on (or is affected by) your manipulation of the independent variable. 3. Controlled Variables-- These are other variables that must be kept constant in order for you to get good, meaningful results. These should be kept constant between your control and experimental groups.

D. Method (Procedure)- Describe in detail how will carry out your experiment to address your problem, organized as follows: 1. Materials
2. Procedure (step by step) (Write this as an ordered list or paragraph, in passive voice, and in past tense.) 3. Method: Controlling Variables—
• Explain how you will control your variables • specific
• detailed
4. Method: Sufficient and Relevant Data Collection—Explain in detail how your method will enable you to collect sufficient data to address your research question. • Must be QUANTITATIVE and QUALITATIVE data!!! 5. Method: Protocol Diagram (When appropriate) – draw & label a diagram which best shows the major protocol(s) you used. Make sure to show how control group(s) differ from experimental group(s).

II. Data Collection...
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