Iata- Billing and Settlement Plan

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Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP)
BSP is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents, as well as improve financial control and cash flow for BSP Airlines. A truly worldwide system: at the close of 2009, there were 86 BSPs, covering more than 160 countries and territories serving about 400 airlines, while gross sales processed amounted to USD 191 billion. NOTE: Earlier the head office was in sharjah but they have recently shifted it to OMAN. 

Benefits of a BSP

* Agents issue one sales report and remit one amount to a central point. * Airlines receive one settlement covering all agents.
* Simplifies and reduces work through the use of electronic ticketing on behalf of all BSP Airlines. * Agents’ sales are reported electronically.
* Less resource required for billing and collection.
* Electronic distribution of billing reports, and generation of debit/credit memos (ADMs/ACMs) via BSPlink. Enhanced Control:
* Increased financial control thanks to centralization and grouping. * Consolidated document flow, permitting accelerated quality controls. * Overall process monitoring by a neutral body.

Participation in a BSP

AIRLINES and AGENTS both can participate in a BSP. It is open to all airlines (IATA members and non-members) serving the country or area concerned.  Agents have to be accredited by IATA in order to use the BSP sustem IATA Accredited Agents:

All IATA Accredited Agents in the BSP country of operation are automatically eligible for participation in a BSP. When a new BSP commences operations in a country, all Agents are notified by IATA and invited to participate. General Sales Agents (GSAs) and Airport Handling Agents (AHA): GSAs and AHAs may participate in a BSP (in the same way as Accredited Agents), on nomination by the airline they represent, and subject to the airline entering into a standard...
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